Wreck Diving in Puerto Morelos

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The depth for diving in the Cañonero C-56 Juan Escutia is 90 feet and is ideal for amentes of shipwrecks in the Riviera Maya This boat is full you can still observe the wreck while diving in Puerto Morelos. At first look is perfect for those with training in technical diving or for divers who want to take the PADI specialty courses wreck.

Location The striker Juan Escutia C-56 is located within the boundaries of the marine park at a distance of about 2 kilometers from the coast and is reached from the port of Puerto Morelos on a tour lanche 25 minutes. Things to see This gunboat 200 feet in length has 3 decks to explore: cabins, bathroom Machine and ammunition room. It is common to see on the top deck and to the surface, sting rays and groupers up to 150 kg. and dozens of stripes in the background. Here marine life has flourished in and out of the boat structure.

This wreck is an old shrimp boat that sank in the area in 199 to develop an artificial reef has now transformed into one of the most popular underwater attractions in Playa del Carmen & one of the wrecks to visit during your visit and dives to Riviera Maya.

Almost intact in 30 meters / 100ft deep where strong currents predominate in the Mexican Caribbean.

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