Shearwater Research HP Wireless Transmitter (Perdix-AI)




This wireless transmitter screws into the high-pressure (HP) port of a first stage regulator and can communicate with the dive computer to allow them to display the cylinder gas pressure without the use of the typical HP hose.

This tank pressure wireless transmitter (OEM by Pelagic Pressure Systems), is compatible only with those specific models of Shearwater Research, Hollis, Oceanic, and Aeris brand dive computers that support hoseless air integration. This includes both the Shearwater Perdix-AI and Hollis DG03 model dive computers sold by Dive Gear Express. Each low frequency RF 38kHz transmitter has its own unique ID and multiple transmitters can be linked to compatible dive computers (up to two for the Perdix-AI or three for the DG03) . The transmitter is charcoal in color, rated for depth up to { 500 ft | 150 m }, and has a user replaceable, widely available, CR2 photo battery.
The transmitter screws in to a high-pressure (HP) port of the first stage regulator mounted on the tank to be monitored. An antenna inside the dive computer receives the signals when it is positioned within { 72 in (6 ft) |1.8 m } of the transmitter and within a zone parallel or at a 45 degree angle to the transmitter. Best reception is achieved when the dive computer and transmitter are within { 3 ft | 0.9 m } of each other. During a dive you may at times move the dive computer so that is out of the signal pattern of the transmitter, resulting in a temporary interruption of the link. The link may also be interrupted if the dive computer is within { 3 ft | 0.9 m } of a running DPV or after a strobe light flashes. The link will be restored within 4 seconds after the dive computer is reoriented, moved back into range, or the interference clears. For technical diving, Dive Gear Express recommends following the best practice of also including a standard analog SPG on the regulator as a backup.

In rare cases, the body of some first stage regulator designs will have hose ports oriented such there is not room to accept a wireless tank pressure transmitter without interfering with hose routing. The solution is to use a standoff adapter, or some divers prefer to use a short 6-inch HP hose pigtail (do not forget the required Air Spool) in place of the standoff.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 cm


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