Malpelo Island Liveaboard


A year round diving destination for experienced divers comfortable in strong currents. Throughout the year, divers can observe Hammerheads, Silkys, Eagle Rays, Free swimming Moray Eels and massive schools of fish.

DRY SEASON – January through April

  • Colder water 16 to 18 at thermocline (20m).
  • Reduced visibility (3 to 15) due to the nutrient rich waters.
  • Large schools of hammerheads can be observed close and at shallow depths of 10m or less

WET SEASON – May through December

  • Warmer water 25 to 27 at thermocline (25 to 30m).
  • Improved visibility with clearer waters
  • Large schools of Silky sharks can be observed especially during the early months of the the wet season. Whale sharks, Galapagos sharks and Manta Rays can also be seen during the wet season.


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