Giant mantas and dolphins diving in Socorro Island

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Socorro, Mexico

Squalodivers take you to the Revillagigedo Archipelago ( San Benedito Island, Socorro Island & Roca Partida)

The Revillagidedo Islands Archipelago, of which Socorro is one of the islands, possesses an absolutely unique ecosystem with many endemic plant and animal species. That is why the Archipelago is often called Mexico’s Galapagos. Indeed, it is as remote, as diverse, as pristine, and, even less inhabited than Ecuador’s pearl. For divers, this is the place to go for unforgettable manta diving, which is as unique as the Archipelago itself. This is the only place on Earth where you can – guaranteed – dive and interact with giant mantas.

What We Say

People go to Socorro to dive with giant mantas, and this is by no means a trivial goal. Mantas of Socorro are true giant mantas, Manta birostris (aka manta ray), and should not be confused with the regular and smaller Mobula species, which can be seen far more often and practically everywhere. The giant Pacific mantas which you will meet at Socorro are the largest of the rays and, probably, the most majestic creatures in the ocean. They swim by moving their wing-like pectoral fins, which can grow up to 9 meters wide, but usually average around 7 meters. They are very acrobatic, able to leap high from the water, and at Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers! They come in very close – less than 1 meter! – make eye contact with you and then swim along beside you – totally on their terms. What is even more extraordinary, mantas will often wait at the dive site while you take your surface interval and be there to greet you on your next dive. Shark-sighting is also very good at Socorro Island with common sightings of silky, galapagos, hammerhead, whitetip and silvertip sharks. Whale sharks are usually spotted in the first part of the season, followed by whale season when a population of 1200 humpbacks move into the island’s waters and then Bait Ball season with crazy critter activity.

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Sometimes the seas during the crossing are flat calm. Occasionally (maybe once per season) we experience 3-meter seas. Average seas are 1.5 – 2 meters, which is no problem for the Nautilus Explorer, especially if guests use the scopolamine patch. Most anchorages are sheltered and calm, but it’s important to note that diving at Roca Partida is staged in open ocean. Each trip itinerary is planned around the best possible diving conditions at this amazing little pinnacle in the middle of nowhere, in 11,000 feet of water.


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