Galapagos Islands: Liveaboard & Cruise Expeditions


Squalo Divers invites you to discover the Galapagos Islands and Dive only at the best spots in the Galapagos Islands!

Visit the most exceptional diving sites in the unique Galapagos Islands. Squalo  Divers takes safety very seriously; our professional diving specialists will accompany and dive with you to make sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible while you visit and dive one of the best dive locations in the world all with very experienced dive professionals.

A comfortable and convenient once-in-a-lifetime naturalist expedition

Prepare yourself to live the adventure of a lifetime aboard M/Y Aqua! This expedition will navigate you to and from the most exciting visiting sites in the archipelago, all while you enjoy your time aboard this comfortable motor yacht!

A unique place, rare species

The Galapagos is, without doubt, the most spectacular pelagic diving site on the planet! It’s one of the few rare places where you can dive amongst hundreds of hammerhead sharks and have the chance to see a whale shark cruising along. Dive into the beautiful clear waters of the islands, and discover silky sharks, sea turtles, giant morays, schooling fish in their thousands, and much more!

An exclusive experience, every day

Few people get to see what lies beneath the beautiful Galapagos Islands, and now is your chance! We have created an exclusive diving itinerary to the most incredible locations all around the Archipelago. The wide variety of diving sites will ensure that you never experience the exact same marine life two times!


Squalo divers land expedition

Visit Galapagos islands

Squalo Divers have a special trip for you and your family

Adventurer’s paradise

The Galapagos Islands are full of exciting moments! Adventurers from all over the world are sure to enjoy all of the unique sites found here. It’s really a journey through time – anywhere you go, you will be an eyewitness of evolution at its greatest! From incredible lava formations to the amazing animals, the mysteries this Archipelago withholds are eager for you to discover them!


This program has no limits – it’s ideal for families of adventurers of all ages. The wide range of activities will give everyone something to do. Kids can enjoy snorkeling along the pristine beaches of the islands, observing the colorful and unique animals, walking along with the incredible rock formations, and much more! We can’t forget about the comfortable ambiance while aboard M/Y Aqua
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