Is scuba diving safe?
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Well, yes, scuba diving is safe, but I’m guessing if you’re reading through an article about diving safety you’ll be searching for a little more proof. No worries, it’s all here, all the myths you might have heard of and all the irrational fears that are keeping you from jumping into a wonderful new world. They are all about to be devastated. Don’t forget the sea is a natural force and it must be respected, however, this are the facts that’ll help you feel safe underwater.underwater world beauty

Average ER admissions in the US per year/activity:


Bowling →  19,802/year


Volleyball →  57,303/year


Fishing →  170,216/year


Diving → 1,092/year


But, could I die?

Well, no activity in this world is exempt from some sort of risk, and scuba diving has unfortunately seen this happen.. in fact, here are the average numbers compared to other activities you might do every day.


Horseback riding → (est. 128 deaths per 100,000 participants)


Jogging → (13 per 100,000 participants)


Swimming →  (6 per 100,000 participants)


Diving → (2 per 100,000 participants)


It’d be safe to add that most of these diving fatalities had previous health-related issued, so if you’re still feeling unsure, ask your doctor if you’re good to go.


Hey! But what about the sharks?

Oh yes! Sharks are scary creatures, I’ve seen Jaws, and those pointy teeth sure look terrific! Well, that’s true when you’ve only seen a shark in TV, however, once you’re in the water with them, you’ll find how gentle creatures they can be. A humbling experience as you swim along these wonderful animals while they feel so unaware of your tiny presence. However, if you need to see the numbers…

Champagne Cork accidents → Over two dozen victims per year


Car accidents → 1 in 272 result in fatalities


Ladder accidents → 113 Ladder related fatalities in 2014


But those aren’t animals… well:


Mosquitoes → 725,000 yearly fatalities


Humans → 475,000 yearly fatalities


Dogs → 25,000 yearly fatalities


Hippos → 500 yearly fatalities


Elephants → 100 yearly fatalities


Sharks → 10 yearly fatalities


Not enough? Let’s see who were these victims.


Surfers → 51%

Swimmers or waders → 38%

Snorkelers and divers → 8%


However, if you still feel terrified, you must know that the ocean is a vast place and you’ll only dive with sharks if you go looking for them. Most beginner tours are through the coral reef where you’ll only see harmless fishes, turtles and beautiful corals.





April 27, 2018
Awesome post! It is always important to keep safety in mind. Thanks.