Scuba diving for kids
beginner divers

Scuba diving is a great way for families to participate in a non-contact sport and provides an active and rewarding recreation which unites the families, creating a common interest for years.

The main aim of bringing them into diving, is that kids can love and understand the importance of environment, learn to respect the seas and oceans, and that they can learn to dive while playing, which improves lung capacity, control of fears and develop their skills.

And if you still have doubts if you should encourage your children to dive, here are just some benefits:

-Develops psychomotor skills and stimulates the muscles.

-In addition, improves cardiac and circulatory function and increases lung capacity. This in terms of the physical development of children, but the truth is that diving also stimulates the emotional and intellectual development.

-The practice of diving entails certain responsibility and, therefore, maturity.

-Also, improves self-esteem after diving, for having been able to immerse themselves in other worlds.

– And speaking of immersing yourself in other worlds, the bottom of the sea is an incredible stimulus for creativity and imagination of children.

-Children can reinforce values such as friendship and companionship while diving.

– And it is an ideal activity to reduce infant stress by the feeling of calm that it produces.

– So, for the particular environment in which it develops, the whole family share the respect for the environment much-needed for marine environments.

Squalo Divers have the PADI Bubblemaker program that is aimed for children age 8 and is fun, easy and safe. The PADI Bubblemaker program is a way to involve more young people in the care of the environment and of marine species. If you would like more information contact us at email or call us at + 52 998 2514068.


January 10, 2018
Its very nice that you have scuba for kids!