Scuba diving in Cancun offers a great menu of variables when it comes to different experiences. Beginner and advanced courses run along the shores of the colorful Caribbean Sea. There’s an option for everybody from the calm to the adventurous and here we’ll tell you which option best suits you!

1. Reef diving

This is the go-to option for beginner divers who want to see what the underwater world is like. Colors all around and a display of marine life in an astonishing ecosystem in a whim of mother nature just to show its beauty. When scuba diving in Cancun, you’ll be surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the World, and the largest in the Atlantic Ocean!



The Underwater Museum of Art is a place of wonder. Sculptures literally coming to life as marine living organisms find a home in their rock solid bodies. A revolutionary method of exposing art and protecting conservation, while experiencing the weightlessness that flows in the water. A very calm dive great for beginners, but loved by experts.


3. Cavern and cenote diving

Cancun’s biodiversity allows this phenomenon of “in-land” diving, where you’ll find subterranean caverns flooded by underwater rivers. This natural constructions make for incredible explorations in everflowing waters. Cavern and cenote diving requires a different process of certification, but with the correct instruction this experience can change your life!


4. Night diving

The ocean at night can be a scary place… until you jump in the water. Marine life at night is entirely different to whatever you might find during the day. A true adventure where you’ll find no nightlife in the world compares to what you’ll live underwater. Experience life from a new perspective. Ask your instructor what you need to know to go in a night dive.


5. Shark dive

An experience searched for by the more adventurous, but curiously, you could say this is one of the most peaceful dives you can have. There are many myths involving sharks, however, once you’re face to face with one (or many), you’ll find how humbling it is to have such a majestic creature within your reach, and yet, they could care less about you.


Choose one, or do them all! You can’t go wrong with any option if you’re scuba diving in Cancun.



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