The formation I want to emphasize that if a diver has a good training and his courses are taken with time and dedication. Most divers anywhere. The conception Most of the divers we know in the dive environment. They are Tourists who actually do this activity a couple of times a year. We are surprised

(Hint: Don’t over inflate it.) by Paul Montgomery: Firstly, let’s start with the disclaimer, also known as “In full disclosure…”, that while I am a Full Cave certified diver (I was certified in the cave systems of North Florida and actively dived those systems)  I have not been actively diving in overhead environments in recent

by Lauren Kieren Cave divers use a distinct set of markers to determine direction and distance traveled in a cave.  These markers must be identifiable through sight and touch  should the divers find themselves in limited or zero visibility.  As cave diving gained popularity over the years and new techniques were developed, you will find