Scuba diving in Cancun offers a great menu of variables when it comes to different experiences. Beginner and advanced courses run along the shores of the colorful Caribbean Sea. There’s an option for everybody from the calm to the adventurous and here we’ll tell you which option best suits you!   1. Reef diving This

Scuba diving is often compared with meditation, and in many ways you could say divers go through a process of self knowledge while in the water. But, could we say that diving is even better? Here, we’ll list some of the facts that can help us say that Scuba Diving is actually good for your

Well, yes, scuba diving is safe, but I’m guessing if you’re reading through an article about diving safety you’ll be searching for a little more proof. No worries, it’s all here, all the myths you might have heard of and all the irrational fears that are keeping you from jumping into a wonderful new world.

If you’re considering going on a scuba diving tour in Cancun or anywhere else in the world, we strongly encourage you to do so. If you haven’t decided yet, here’s a list of reasons why you should do it. However, once you have made up your mind and are sure to go on this life-changing

Scuba diving is no longer an exclusively professional activity. With the proper equipment, instructors and guided tours, anyone can become a scuba diver and live this bewildering experience. If you’ve never been scuba diving in Cancun, or never been scuba diving at all, here we’ll hand you a list of only a few of the

A good diving equipment is essential to dive safely. It helps to breathe under water, protects the skin, regulates buoyancy and makes swimming as easy as possible. You can dive almost anywhere where there is water. The equipment that you use will vary a little depending on your environment diving, as well as your preferences.

Scuba diving is a great way for families to participate in a non-contact sport and provides an active and rewarding recreation which unites the families, creating a common interest for years. The main aim of bringing them into diving, is that kids can love and understand the importance of environment, learn to respect the seas

Night diving is your chance to see what the Caribbean Sea keeps at night. So why not to try this experience? Night diving are commonly carried out between the sunset and the sunrise, this type of diving is very popular among divers and very popular especially in the summer months. This type of night dives

Bull sharks migrate to Playa del Carmen every year from November to March, offering you an incredible opportunity to enjoy a dive tour in the Riviera Maya. However, the ideal time to see them is between December and February. These months are subject to change, depending on mother nature. To know to dive is necessary

Socorro is an island in the north of the country, in Baja California Sur. It has a unique ecosystem with endemic plants and animals. For everybody who likes diving, this is a place to go for unforgettable manta diving experience, cause this is the only place o Earth where you can dive and interact with