5 tips for beginner divers
beginner divers

If you’re considering going on a scuba diving tour in Cancun or anywhere else in the world, we strongly encourage you to do so. If you haven’t decided yet, here’s a list of reasons why you should do it. However, once you have made up your mind and are sure to go on this life-changing experience, make sure to take into account this tips for beginner divers to make sure your experience is best enjoyed!


1. Make sure your swimsuit is comfortable

Most of the times, you’ll be given a neoprene suit that goes over your regular bathing suit. A common beginner mistake is to take a very fashionable swimsuit, not taking into account it will be fully covered by the neoprene suit. These suits are made to compress the body for an easier, smoother swim. However, they also compress whatever else your body is wearing, so if your swimsuit is too loose or has many laces it will end up cramped up in a very uncomfortable way under your neoprene suit for the rest of the dive.


2. Wear sunscreen

Some people tend to forget or simply think they won’t be needing sunscreen since they’ll be underwater. They couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t forget there’s a boat ride before and after the dive, and that the water doesn’t completely cover you from UV rays, and this is where most get terrible sunburns. Remember to apply the sunscreen around 15-20 minutes before going on the boat so it is absorbed correctly, letting it work better. Please use biodegradable sunscreen, the coral reef, and your body are deeply affected by non-approved sunscreens.


3. Don’t worry about your camera

Usually, the instructor (or one of the guides) will be taking a camera with them and taking videotaping the whole dive, so don’t worry about doing it yourself. Yes, it’s nice to have pictures of the experience, but believe me, if it’s your first time diving, you won’t be able to concentrate in your camera. This will result in terrible, unusable pictures and a possible loss of your camera in the depths, or you’ll be so concentrated in taking care of your camera and taking pictures that you won’t be able to enjoy the moment for itself. Let the guide do the work and just focus on enjoying the trip!


4. Relax

Seriously, scuba diving is a relaxing sport and an exercise of meditation. Breathe just like you would in the surface and don’t try to hurry anything or anywhere. One must be centered to control their own body and hurrying or stressing won’t help at all. Follow the instructor, focus on yourself, and enjoy! That’s what it’s all about.

5. Fresh water and a nutritious snack

We recommend you take a bottle of fresh water with you, or check if your tour includes them. After the dive, the salty water and the effort of swimming will leave you very thirsty, so it’s great to have drinking water in the boat waiting for you on the surface. We also recommend a nutritious and very light snack, as it might help take away the salty flavor in your mouth and calm the hunger while reaching the shore. A bag of nuts or an energy bar is my personal go-to, but remember, nothing to heavy or the seasickness will kick in surely!


April 25, 2018
Good tips for people who are starting to dive. Undoubtedly, being relaxed during diving I think it is the most important thing to not lose your head under the water.