5 reasons why scuba diving is good for your health
Scuba diving and its benefits

Scuba diving is often compared with meditation, and in many ways you could say divers go through a process of self knowledge while in the water. But, could we say that diving is even better? Here, we’ll list some of the facts that can help us say that Scuba Diving is actually good for your health.

Scuba diving benefits

1. Controlling your breath

This is the main reason why Scuba Diving is compared to meditation. Being aware of your breathing under the water, listening to every exhalation and actually being able to watch this process through the bubbles results in an immersive experience of complete calm and self awareness. Having a tank on your back that provides you with the air you need to fill your lungs in an environment you wouldn’t imagine otherwise, all while feeling weightless, it’s the closest thing to space travel. All these experiences at once, and it’s all controlled by the breaths you take.


2. Relax, lower blood pressure

This often comes as a surprise, since most people think that diving is a full adrenaline-rush activity. And while diving does have its dose of adrenaline, mostly when you first jump in the water, it is mainly a relaxing, peaceful experience. Once the first rush passes and your body warms up to the ocean’s temperature, your calm breathing and slow pace floating will help lower your heart rate resulting in lower blood pressure to a point of deep calm.


3. Stay fit

From the moment you carry your tank out of the water and all the weights that happen to weight more than it seems, to the moment when you find yourself swimming through water currents. It’s all a constant effort all the way from the legs to the upper body and core. Scuba Diving is a great way to stay fit, without even noticing. Plus, you’ll sleep like a baby!


4. Relieve stress

Your deep calm breaths, the slow pace of the water, and the concentration you’ll be setting on yourself and the dive will make a perfect complement to the peaceful scenery of marine life that’ll be surrounding you. It has never been easier to forget about the world and all its worldly issues. Under the water, there’s only the moment, and in the vastness of the sea, there’s no space for worries.


5. Ocean water benefits

Ocean water is full of minerals and vitamins that serve the body as they clean your skin, strengthen your immune system, and reduce anxiety. All this benefits, added to the cicatrization properties of salt water, actually leave the body feeling renewed after an immersive period underwater. These facts and the feeling of safety that comes with swimming underwater are probably some of the reasons why you’ll find that people who live around the sea, live life from a different perspective.


This benefits are only a handful of the many lively moments that’ll be experienced by those who go Scuba Diving in this enriching experience!


April 23, 2018
Very good post I never thought that diving could be so good for the body. Very interesting.