Scuba diving is no longer an exclusively professional activity. With the proper equipment, instructors and guided tours, anyone can become a scuba diver and live this bewildering experience. If you’ve never been scuba diving in Cancun, or never been scuba diving at all, here we’ll hand you a list of only a few of the reasons why this is the place to do it!

1. Greatest Barrier Reef in the whole Atlantic Ocean.

cancun coral reef

The rainforests of the sea. A strike of life and color that arise in ways impossible to imagine for those that never have experienced it. Coral reefs are colonies of marine life brought together thousands of years before humans stepped on land and still coexist holding creatures of all shapes, colors and sizes. Mexico is blessed with a significant section of the second greatest barrier reef in the world and largest in the Atlantic, an important part of this reef goes through Cancun and Cozumel shores.


2. New world: Unlocked

underwater world beauty

Cancun’s natural beauty will never be underestimated, however, we may sometimes get distracted by all the development, the light, the tourist crowds, etc. Once we jump in the water, nothing else exist. An exercise of meditation, self awareness, contemplation and peace. A place where everything is new, no matter how many times you’ve dived, everything’s in motion and there’s always something going on, while you float weightless in astonishment.


3. Cavern Diving

cavern diving in cancun

The Riviera Maya underwater cave system is, by far, the largest in the world. Cavern diving is an experience that appears as taken from a sci-fi movie. Upon arrival to jungle-hidden cenotes, hopping into the crystal clear waters, and finally descending to mysterious caves to explore completely different environments.


4. Fear Facing

scuba diver feeling ok

Scuba Diving really sounds like an adventure and some people might be terrified by even the words themselves. Well we all want to eventually face our fears, but it’s not that easy. Except when your fear is Scuba Diving, then it is actually “that easy”, why? Because, between you and me, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Yes, as every other sport or activity, there is a certain level of risk, however, with the proper training and instructors, it’s near 0. Everything you might have heard about how hard it is to dive, or how dangerous it may be… it’s all a myth. But don’t take my word for it. The official numbers are incredible, did you know the sport of volleyball sends over 57 times more people to ER rooms than scuba diving? And that there’s over 6 times more risk of dying from jogging than from scuba diving?


5. MUSA (Underwater Museum of Art)

The Museo Subacuático de Arte (Underwater Museum of Art) is the largest museum of its type in the world. A project of conservation and love for the oceans and art itself. A museum that literally comes to life, as you’ll be able to see when marine organisms adopt the sculptures as their home and start breeding new life to the motionless statues that pridefully stand at the bottom of the ocean. 420 square meters (4520 sq. feet) of cultural value, art contemplation and peace with nature.